About Mark Peikert

I don’t always look like rough trade.

But it does function as a fairly attention-grabbing headshot for a freelancer.

I’m a career-long writer-editor: I have never made any significant portion of my income from anything but publications. I’ve served as editor-in-chief of New York Press, Backstage, Playbill, and TheGayGoods.com, and along the way I’ve moderated panels and hosted podcasts and generally tried to make myself laugh by saying yes to projects.

Whether or not you laugh is up to you.

Some Highlights

Movie Musical Madness

They lost it at the movies—Broadway shows did, that is. Go past the silver screen with host Mark Peikert to figure out why these film versions of stage hits flailed in celluloid or superseded their origins.

As the Curtain Rises

After news of a top secret new mega musical leaks, the Broadway community goes batty. Producers (and arch enemies) Cheryl Philips (Lillias White) and Steve Jones (James Monroe Iglehart) pounce. Who will get the rights? Will way-out-of-their-comfort-zone creators Kay (Ashley Park) and Bobby (Michael Urie) manage to deliver a draft of the show before their marriage implodes? Will director-choreographer Zoey Taylor (Ariana DeBose) send the show’s budget into a free fall with her wildly ambitious vision? Will diva Emma-Olivia (Sarah Stiles) get a Schmackery’s cookie in her honor? Will newbie agent Maxwell Fernsby (George Salazar) step into his new big shoes? And just what the hell is the show about, anyway?

The Gay Goods

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 80 and like men between the ages of 80 and 18, you’ll love The Gay Goods. If you’re a gay man who wants to keep gay sex as our dirty secret to gain entry into the mainstream—we have very little to offer you. We’re here for contrarians, libertines, and those who like their porn, politics, and culture served with a bit of spice and zero judgment. For those who like their porn taken seriously, their politics taken skeptically, and their culture taken with a twist, The Gay Goods will become a very special favorite. 

Jagged Sophistication

Now available… a novel set among the swimming pools and movie stars of 1930s Hollywood, where heartbreak lurks behind every grin and quip.

Let’s make something together.

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